Netherlands Embassy in Seoul, South Korea

Trade between the Netherlands and Korea

The Korean economy is the 12th largest economy in the world, when classified according to purchasing power parity (PPP). Important sectors for Korea are semiconductors, electronics, cars, shipbuilding and steel.

Dutch exports to Korea

The Dutch export to Korea has steadily increased over the pasted decade, reaching up to 4.0 billion USD in 2012. Korea is the fourth largest export market for the Netherlands in Asia, being preceded by China, Singapore and Japan respectively. Major Dutch export products include semiconductor-related products and devices, chemical products such as enriched uranium, natural milk constituents and parts and accessories for the production of machinery.

Dutch imports from Korea
The Dutch import from Korea in 2012 added up to 5.0 billion USD, which has made the Netherlands the second largest importer of Korean products among the EU countries. The EU is Korea’s third largest export market after China and the USA.

Foreign direct investment
The Netherlands invested 0.6 billion USD in South Korea in 2012, with this it was the largest investor of the European countries, and the 6th largest of the World. Korean companies invested 2.8 billion USD in the Netherlands, the largest investment in an EU country and the third largest investment of Korea in any country.