Netherlands Embassy in Seoul South Korea

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Economic Section

The Korean economy is the 12th largest economy in the world, when classified according to purchasing power parity (PPP). Important sectors for Korea are semiconductors, electronics, cars, shipbuilding and steel.



Both Korea and the Netherlands are looking abroad for further progress. The S&T-office can help you to find the answer to your technology question about either the Netherlands or Korea.


Agricultural Section

The Agricultural Department represents the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs in Korea and Taiwan, in the fields of agriculture, nature and food quality.


Consular Section

Dit deel bevat diensten voor buitenlandse bezoekers aan Nederland en voor Nederlandse burgers in het buitenland.

April 14, 2015 It should become attractive for private financers to invest in efforts to tackle the world’s water issues. This was said by Dutch Minister Schultz van Haegen of Infrastructure and the Environment at the 7th World Water Forum in Gyeongju, Korea. ‘Whatever plans we make to build a water secure world, there will be no result without money. Financing is the key issue in all our discussions.’

April 3, 2015 The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra will perform four times at Seoul Arts Center, starting on April 20.

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